2 minutes of the LARGE BLACK pigs in their first paddock

Here is a couple of minutes when the little Large Blacks first got into their first new paddock. Boy this is really starting to get to be a diverse little farm. We are just going to keep stacking enterprises and slowly growing as God sees fit.

These little guys were very happy to get into their new area. I have to hand it to Lisa, she just grabbed the bigger pig and carried him up to the paddock. That pig was squealing, well like a pig, all the way up. Everyone in the area could hear that pig but she just kept going, even when he pooped on her boot a little bit. 🙂 I grabbed the smaller one and he didn’t make a sound, I got lucky.

It didn’t take the guys long to find out the fence is HOT!! Pigs are very smart, they hopefully will stay where they are supposed to. There isn’t really anything keeping them on the farm if they get out of that paddock.