Monthly Archives: September 2013

“May” meets the boys and is instantly the boss

This short video is May the pregnant jersey cow meeting T-bone and Rib-eye for the first time.  She MOOed for 24 hours straight in those boys’ direction from the holding paddock, but we haven’t heard her moo once since she joined them up on the hill.  Early in the video you can see she kicks up her heels and you can just tell she will fit in at AGF.

We are so glad that May is with us.  Our little farm is growing all the time, and we thank God for all the blessings that have come our way.  We thank God for keeping the desire to continue this venture stirred up in our hearts.  The natural methods we are using to raise these animals mimic nature as close as possible and we respect and treat them humanely, and thank them as well for the sacrifice they make for all of us.  If anyone is interested or has any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to talk about the farm, politics, religion, food, school or even the weather.

2 minutes of the LARGE BLACK pigs in their first paddock

Here is a couple of minutes when the little Large Blacks first got into their first new paddock. Boy this is really starting to get to be a diverse little farm. We are just going to keep stacking enterprises and slowly growing as God sees fit.

These little guys were very happy to get into their new area. I have to hand it to Lisa, she just grabbed the bigger pig and carried him up to the paddock. That pig was squealing, well like a pig, all the way up. Everyone in the area could hear that pig but she just kept going, even when he pooped on her boot a little bit. 🙂 I grabbed the smaller one and he didn’t make a sound, I got lucky.

It didn’t take the guys long to find out the fence is HOT!! Pigs are very smart, they hopefully will stay where they are supposed to. There isn’t really anything keeping them on the farm if they get out of that paddock.

Just to introduce the LARGE BLACK pigs….

We haven’t named these two yet, but I’m sure that is coming soon.  We haven’t had a chance to put them up on pasture yet either.  That HAS to be done soon, as our new batch of laying hen chicks are coming this week.  It’s funny to watch them eat, they make a snorting noise and chew with there mouths open, how rude!!

Again, just 2 minutes of video, any more than that and I think it gets boring….