Monthly Archives: June 2013

Little hens on the pasture

Our little hens have finally gotten their new home out on the pasture, and they love it!  It’s similar to the pen for the meat chickens in that it moves every day, but different dimensions and has nesting boxes and a perch.  They were a little tentative at first, but then they settled right in scratching and pecking and eating grass and any bugs they could find.

Hej då!


2 minute video blog – 6/11/13

We had to build some new feeders for the broilers.  They did not have enough feeder space and it was like a feeding frenzy trying to get them all around the small feeders we had.  The new feeders are 4 feet long and the birds can eat from both sides, that’s 16 lineal feet of feeder space.  Next up – we have got to figure out the waterers – they seem to keep going dry for some reason.