Monthly Archives: December 2013

Ulla running all over the pasture

Well, Ulla is now 3 weeks old.  We have gotten her and May out of the barn several times now and they just spend the day up on the hill.  There is still green grass up there for May to eat and it allows Ulla a chance to stretch her legs and get to know the beef steers – Teebone and Ribeye.  I (Greg) have really started to bond with the little heifer, she loves it when I scratch her on the neck and will let me pet her just about any time I come around.

I was told by Diana (who we got May from) that the baby (Ulla) was half Jersey and half Angus.  I am not sure if she looks like an Angus, but maybe.  Whatever she is, we will probably keep her to breed her and see if we can increase the size of our little herd.

This video is of Ulla running around the pasture just after we let them out of the barn on a Sunday morning.  It is suppose to snow today, so we’ll see how she does when the flakes start to fall.

Enjoy the video…….