PIG PIG NEWS AT AGF – ALSO – May’s first 3 minutes at AGF

May – the pregnant Jersey cow, came to Angel Garden Farm today – 8/31/13. This short video is her coming off the trailer and into the holding paddock after about a 2 hour ride from Michigan (thanks Diana and Brian). She looked around a minute, then noticed the two steer calves up the hill and “MOOED” hello. The chickens Thelma and Louise can be heard announcing to the world someone new is at the farm. I don’t think it will be long before she is the dominant creature on the hill. May is due in the middle of November with an Angus/Jersey cross calf. It won’t be long after the calf comes and we will be able to make grass fed, raw milk, hand milked, artisan type products. Call for details.

In addition to May, we also brought home 2 small LARGE BLACK pigs, we aren’t exactly sure what to do with them, but they will be raised on pasture and in the glens rooting and tilling with the plows on the ends of their faces. They are supposed to be excellent for bacon but I am sure they will be good for a few laughs and probably a few headaches before that. I will add pig video very soon.

Enjoy May’s video: