Brooder in the morning

Today’s 2 minute video blog is showing what it looks like to come up to the brooder first thing in the morning.  The birds are 13 days old in this video.  There are 74 or 75 birds in the brooder.  We’ve had no ‘deadies’ in several days.  I still have the warming lights on – as the nights have been staying cold.





4 thoughts on “Brooder in the morning

  1. Steve Gardin

    nice little farm…got a real good laugh out of the names of the cows!!! Sound like a fun and interesting adventure, but a lot of work…what does the Haj aj or what ever that is that you end with?

    1. Angel Garden Farm Post author

      Thanks, Steve! It isn’t a lot of work, just work. But, it’s also really enjoyable! And, oh, you should see all the wild black raspberries! Hej då is an informal Swedish salutation similar to “bye” or “see ya”.
      So, hej då!

    1. Angel Garden Farm Post author

      Thank you! That is very nice of you to say. We intend to post regularly, so enjoy!

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