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Greg’s Blog post 7/10/13

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks since the last post.  We had to get ready for our first chicken processing day.  We ended up with a total of 44 broilers, White Jumbo Cornish Cross, they averaged about 4 ¼ lbs dressed out.  We had a great group on processing day,  1 chicken wrangler, 1 person manning the cones and scalding water, 1 person on the defeathering machine, 3 at the evisceration table, 2 packaging and weighing, and 1 person making lunch and snacks for everyone.  Thanks to all who helped, things went really well.  We already have some ideas to improve the system for next time, but all in all, I couldn’t be much happier with the first time.

There are a few birds left that are available for purchase, we have great reviews from people who have already gotten some chickens, less salty tasting than store bought chicken and firmer but not tough, NOT mushy.   Contact Greg or Lisa if you are interested in some chicken.

I describe these birds as:  Pasture Raised, Humanely Processed, Clean, Fresh, Local chicken.  Most people have never eaten chicken like these (except for the old folks – these should bring back memories).  And the nice thing is the NEXT Batch should be even better.  They are a Rainbow Ranger that are being fed only organic chicken feed and are to be raised on the pasture with sunshine, fresh air and all the bugs they can eat – after all – CHICKENS ARE NOT VEGETARIANS, THEY ARE OMNIVORES.

 See the video below to get a look at the birds at 14 days old.